What is M-ATM?

M-ATM or Micro ATM is a device that allows account holders to swipe the debit card. NIT Services offers outstanding Micro ATM services enabled with commission. A retailer can easily earn commission up to Rs-9/- in every 3,500 withdrawals using debit card. The cap of the withdrawals is up to Rs-1,00,000/- per card. Our M-ATM service enables the retailers to pay cash or provide the withdrawal service from their bank accounts using their debit cards.

Micro ATM

Steps to follow for swiping the debit card with M-ATM

  • Establish the M-ATM connection using Bluetooth with application.
  • After the connection is established, now open the M-ATM application.
  • Enter the desire amount in cash withdrawal option.
  • Swipe any customer’s debit card.
  • Swipe customer’s debit card.
  • Provide a service or cash to customer.
  • The amount will get added to the wallet.
  • After the cash gets added to the wallet, you can tender cash or any service to the customer against this amount.
  • You can also transfer the amount in your bank account and get the commission.