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NIT Services Pvt. Ltd comes with innovative payment solutions that are customized as per the user’s requirement. We work to simplify the payments by accepting card payments from all the major credit and debit card brands including Visa, MasterCard and RuPay along with all UPI and Wallet based payment system as well as through Net banking through Payment Gateway and BQR.

At NIT Services, we assist our clients to redraw the payment landscape with value proposition of large scale, responsive to market demand, social payment and reduced cost of ownership. Indulging with latest digital transaction system and well-defined approach, we always strive to cater better result and create a better and safer digital transaction ecosystem.

Our Mission & Vision

Our aim is to include rural audience in the mainstream economy with digitalization and to make transactions simple and secure. We believe to diversify benefits of digital transaction to every nook and corner of the country by educating people and creating entrepreneurship. Our effort is dedicated to simplify banking and other money transaction systems that save time and money. It has direct impact to strengthen rural economy.

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Our values

Integrity: Following the highest standards of professionalism that is fair and honest.

Passion: An energy that comes from the emotional engagement with the organization that delivers joy and inspiration to give our best.

Commitment: One the foundation of integrity, doing everything is the needed to cater value to all these users.

Responsive: Responding the queries of our both external and internal customers instantly.

Impact: To deliver the highest standard value to the society at larger extend.