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Know the Joining Benefit to NIT Services as a Vendor

Indian mainstream economy had exempted rural economy for a longer time. Thanks to the current digital revolution, the rural economy has become a major contributor to the national GDP now. People proactively participate in advanced banking and other financial services that make them a major player to strengthen the rural as well as the national economy.

Plenty of digital mediums are available that provide real-time and reliable financial services to a person by slashing physical appearance to a bank and travel time. Therefore, micro banking is top on popularity, and people are satisfied with its consumer-friendly approach.

NIT Services is one of the leading micro banking and other digital service providers that allows people to manage their bank accounts without visiting any bank physically. Plus, it allows booking train and flight tickets that were only possible by visiting their respective outlets before. Between all these digital benefits, a vendor gets employment! NIT Services not only provides outstanding benefits to its clients but it has several vendor-friendly plans that provide a clear and regular income source to the person who has invested initially.

Let’s have a look at the benefits a vendor can get after joining NIT Services.

1. Financial benefits

Joining with NIT Services requires minimal investment. It is pocket-friendly and a person living in a rural area can do that not by seeking help from any corporate body. The vendor has to purchase various financial devices like M-ATM, POS, Non-Billing POS, Fingerprint scanner, and QR reader. Apart from them, the vendor has to ensure undisputed internet connectivity for seamlessly operating these services.

POS (Point of Sale)

POS service allows the vendor to earn Rs- 5/- on every 1,000 withdrawal using cash@POS. The more cash tractions will be done the more benefits the vendor can earn.

M-ATM (Micro ATM)

This service helps people not to go to any physical ATMs for withdrawing cash. It requires Bluetooth technique to get connected with the system and then it allows customers to withdraw their money from their accounts. The vendor will get Rs-9 on every 3,500 withdrawals. It allows withdrawing cash using debit cards.

IRCTC Ticket Booking

NIT Services allows the vendors to book and manage IRCTC tickets as per the client's requirement. By signing up with NIT Service, a vendor becomes an authorized ticket booking service provider. It provides a lucrative commission of Rs- 20/- on Non-AC tickets and Rs-40/- on AC tickets.

These financial benefits provide a surreal career and regular income to a vendor and there is no need to shift to cities to access these services. Each and every financial transaction will be done online.

2. Technical Benefits

A vendor of NIT Services will access the latest payment options and it further enhances the technical knowledge. He can easily operate the devices and online services simplified by the technical team of NIT Services and when he works on these platforms, it will be easy for him to deepen his technical knowledge in this domain. It will help him to achieve greater heights in the future.

Wrap up

The objective of NIT Services is to strengthen the rural economy by merging that with the mainstream economy. It directly creates thousands of jobs and a person can easily become a potential vendor just by investing few thousand initially. Therefore, people who are looking for a regular income source can easily sign up with NIT Services.