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How to Create an Additional Revenue Source in Your Existing Business?

Each business owners prefer to increase their income just by expanding their existing business. Currently, expanding business and getting direct or passive income is damn easy! With minimal investment, a business owner can achieve this parameter. Let’s see how!

NIT Services Pvt. Ltd comes with a handful of opportunities for small and medium businesses to speed up their revenue generation. It mainly provides various digital payment options that can provide a secure, constant, and reliable income source to the current business owner, and to achieve this, minimal investment is needed.

Here is how a business owner can meet this target without any hassle.

Becoming a vendor is easy

Initially, you have to become a vendor by joining NIT Service Pvt. Ltd. It is quite easy to join because you have to open the business plan page, click on the join button, and fill in the required fields given there. You have to also upload various valid documents to officially become a part of this outstanding digital payment solution provider.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale or simply POS is one of the most popular products that NIT Services provides to its retailers. It provides a whopping Rs-5/- as vendor commission on each Rs-1000/- withdrawal. It is renowned for seamless and secure operation. Using a debit card, credit card, or tap card, a customer can easily withdraw money from this device instantly.


M-ATM stands for micro ATM and this innovative device bars people to visit any brick and mortar ATM booth. It runs with a small device that requires minimal investment to purchase in the first place. Like ATM, it also requires a debit card to withdraw money from the customer's account and provides a vendor commission of Rs-9/- for every 3,500 withdrawals. Using this device is completely easy, hassle-free, and free from any kind of technical glitch.

IRCTC Ticketing Service

By joining NIT Services, you will become an authorized booking agent of the Indian Railway. Gone are those days when people have to stand in a long queue to book their desired ticket. Retailers can book and cancel IRCTC tickets according to the requirement. They can earn Rs-20/- on non-AC tickets and Rs-40/- on AC tickets as vendor commission. It has made earning easy as millions of Indians depend on trains to reach their destination daily.

AEPS Service

AEPS service stands for Aadhaar Enabled Payment System and it is one of the most popular and user-friendly services provided by NIT Services. This service enables withdrawal, deposit, and transfer of cash to or from the respective bank account using Aadhaar authentication. A customer can also check the account balance using this service. It is completely secure and provides instant service.

Bus Tickets

Unlike previous years, booking a bus ticket is completely easy. A vendor can book the bus ticket just by entering the journey source, destination, and date in the booking window. It provides the lowest fares, exclusive discounts, and a seamless online ticking experience to both vendor and the customer. This is one of the most used ticketing systems in entire India and there are several thousands of bus services providers that have listed themselves in this ticketing service.

Apart from these services, a vendor can access various other services including BBPS, DMT, mobile recharge, Aadhaar pay, Pan card, insurance, first tag, air ticket, E-cash, digital wallet, hotel booking, OTT service, account opening, and prepaid card. These are designed to strengthen SMEs. So, join NIT Services today and create an additional revenue source on your existing business.